Sunday Mourning

4 letters made you,

but they never contained who you were

How could they?

4 letters combined in perfect harmony

2 consonants

2 vowels

You were a poem before your first step

and held the world in your heart

the gift you gave to every path you crossed

was one of belonging

you made every life special,

be they man, woman, or child

it didn’t matter if they’d known you 5 minutes

5 hours

5 years

you completed them.

As only you could.

your charisma was magnetic

a pull.

Once people entered your orbit they were


you brought out the good in everyone

the love

the life.

The hope.

And no matter who met you,

no matter how distant the time between

you were never forgotten

Who can forget a shooting star?

The pain, the pain

it cuts deep, my friend

the world is a bitter bitter pill to swallow

without your glow.

your light

your essence.

4 letters

2 consonants

2 vowels

and a world full of compassion

you walked and hearts bloomed in your presence.

we all are better for knowing you.


I miss you, my friend. I cannot believe you’re gone.

May you ride the eternal wave in peace and harmony

may your spirit fly higher than it ever did here

and where ever you may be

may there be others who welcome you in with the kindness

the love

the magnanimous




that you showed all who knew you.

knew your name.

4 letters

2 consonants

2 vowels

and a life blown out way too early, but one that will shine on for eternity.





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