Let it rain

As I sit in my car waiting (something that becomes a bit of a full time job for a stay-at-home mom) in the somewhat pouring rain, it’s come to me that we, Washingtonians, in general, are apposed to umbrellas.

Now, this is neither a novel, nor a new idea. I’ve observed it many a time and have heard others as well. But 10 years in and I’m still not quite sure why. It’s not like I was anti-umbrella pre-Washington. In fact, I remember clearly owning a few and using them.

However, since living here it doesn’t ever occur to me to use one. And by the amount of people walking by sans the useful gadget, I see I’m clearly in the majority. When raindrops hit us do we soak any less? Have we developed superpowers of deflection? Perhaps we’ve evolved to oily skin such as birds have on their feathers to let the rain trickle down. Or perhaps we’re so hipster rain falls around us as we walk, never on us.

It doesn’t matter the reason behind it, I suppose, but it does tickle me to see us so blatantly defiant in a land where rain is so common.

I guess we can all take comfort in things like the song, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, or the fact that will will never suffer the bad luck of opening umbrellas indoors. If you think about it, even the community is so secure in our lack of want that stores/malls freely offer the “use” of umbrellas to their customers on an honor code that they’ll be returned , in my opinion, knowing they are in no way going to be used in the first place.

I know this because I never see them out of their lovely little pots. No matter the deluge.

I’m sure I’ll ponder this again. Till then, stay wet Pac northwesteners. And if you do know the reason, don’t let me know. I like the mystery 🙂



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