Hoo Boy! I’m moving… Tomorrow! Ack

So, We submitted to Pitchwars tonight, and Ohmyglob I’m so happy for early submissions because…

I’m moving. Tomorrow. LOL yeah, and I’ve been putting off tons of important stuff, like oh I dunno, getting myself ready to get into a new place, tomorrow,  so we could polish our MS.

Priorities, I know. 🙂

But seriously, the fear was real. We aren’t supposed to have internet till late next week. I was literally planning to escape my unpacking to seek out the internets at my parents just to make submissions deadline lol.

Thankfully my husband understands my crazy like I understand his, and all I can say is now I can close my eyes, wake up and spend the rest of the weekend unpacking instead of worrying about my MS. Yippee! So thanks again for opening the submissions early, you are now my hero. 🙂

Time to get my move on!


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