movin on down the road


4 more days until we leave our 2 bedroom apartment. When we first moved back to Seattle a few years ago we rented out a lovely house, one with enough bedrooms for my family (3 kids), and a yard for my dog and kiddos, and everything was GREAT.

 Until our landlords called and let us know they’d decided to come back from finding themselves… in Thailand.

In January.

And we had 30 days to find a place.

In January.

So, we had already been there a year and a few months. Once that year lease expired, we agreed to do month to month as they asked.

First mistake.

They had assured us we would be able to stay thru till summer so our kids school wouldn’t be interrupted.


Well, there we were, 30 days to pack, find a place, move, and oh-by-the-way, make sure we stay in the same school district which for 3 kids in 3 different schools, one’s in elementary, one in middle school and the other in high school (fun)

Suffice it to say, we were screwed. Not many people put up their house for rent in the dead of winter, oddly enough :/

So we decided to go the apartment route,  something my husband and I hadn’t done since we were only a family of 3. I’ve nothing against apartments. But when you have a giant White German Shepherd and 3 kids and a cat, apartments can become a bit overwhelming. Especially if all the ones that are in your school boundaries are only 2 bedroom.

Sadly we couldn’t find one that all 3 kids could go to their schools, 2 out of 3, so we fibbed and forgot to tell the district we moved so they could stay and I just drove one of them to and from school…every day… cause there’s no bus service. fun.

So, here we’ve been in a 2 bedroom flat for waaay too long, and now our lease is up next week. Our plans had been to put everything in storage and go to England for the summer, but due to some work issues that’s now been pushed back till Dec. for my daughter’s 16th bday. (oh man I cannot believe I’m old enough for a 16 yr old.)

The best part is, we don’t have a new place yet.


But this doesn’t worry me, if we don’t find one this week we, luckily, can go stay at my parents while we search. Once again having to find a home in a place where our kid’s schools won’t change.

The reason this is so important to me now is that we’ve moved 17 times since my husband and I met. In that time my kids have been in many, many different schools. In fact, until recently they never had the chance to follow from one year to another with the same kids.

So staying and letting them experience what it’s like being around the same kids is huge! For the first time, people my son and daughter knew in the 5th and now, about to be 7th grade (Son changed schools an extra time, once we moved here after a year in Montessori), and 7th and now, about to be 10th grade will be familiar faces.

My youngest will get to experience 1st grade with kids from his kindergarten class, something my older two never got to do.

It’s so awesome.

Now, we aren’t running from the law, and we aren’t military. Our family are just nomads. It’s something my parents did a lot when I was younger. When I met my husband we moved to 4 different states within the first 3 years of our relationship. Our daughter had lived in 5 different places by the time she was 2.

Some days we would wake up on a Monday, and decide to move and be gone by Friday.

We bought a house at one point (still have it) but then 2 years later we decided to move again. Haven’t been back since.

After all the moves, I feel like I’m finally in a place where I enjoy living. I don’t get antsy to get up and go like I used to, I’m starting to dread when a lease is up for once.

In a way, I sorta hope the house we find next asks for a 2 or maybe even 3 year lease. That would be awesome.

We don’t want to buy again until we are dead certain we don’t want to leave. lol, who knows when that will be.

Anyway, I digress.

4 more days until I get to say goodbye to this 2 bedroom apartment and hello to a new adventure, a new place to hang our hats, and hopefully a yard and 3 bedrooms *fingers crossed*

Did I mention, while I love moving, I loathe packing? It’s super awesome this time cause we get to do it twice in one month! Yay

The life of a nomad makes for interesting things. I will say, my kids are all well adjusted, do well in school, and have maintained relationships with their friends over the years. We tend to do a lot of road trips back to places we’ve lived just so our kids can visit their friends, or in other ways, like our daughter’s best friend from Las Vegas flies out here every summer. And stays between 2 and 3 weeks.

I like not feeling like I’m stuck.

It’s a different way of life and I know it’s scary for a lot of people. The idea of packing up and leaving everything behind, the list of what-if’s can be a mile long. But the scary thing for me is being stagnant, not getting to see different places, see how people live.

I might be afraid of heights, probably will never be one to jump out of a plane, nor bungee jump. Dunno if I’ll ever even make it up the Eiffel Tower. But I’ll get my Adrenalin rush a different way, leaving everything behind at a whim, over and over again. Creating a new life, in a new place, with new faces. Making life long friends and life long memories. And it all begins again, in 4 little days.


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